Black Mulch

Black Mulch is a decomposing fir bark which is used as an additive to break up soil. It is one of the most useful amendments as it increases air content and water retention.

Black Mulch differs from regular mulch in that is has been “pre-decomposed.” Regular mulch can be “hot”… that is, as it is wetted the decomposing action begins which generates both heat and acidity, which can cause damage to lawns or to shallow rooted plants.

While dark and rich looking, it is not as high in nutritional value as it seems. To create quality soil, it is recommended that it be mixed with another soil amendment, or with Mushroom Compost.


Use as 1/4″ to 1/2″ top dressing over grass seed. Black Mulch’s high moisture retention qualities will help to keep newly planted seeds moist and protected from birds. The dark color of this soil also allows it to absorb heat, which dramatically speeds the germination process

Black Mulch can also be used as a top dressing around the base of plants as a weed inhibitor. However, we recommend fresh bark or mulch as it is just beginning to decompose, and will last longer.