Do It Yourself

Vic Hannan Landscape Materials Do It Yourself Help

If you are thinking about remodeling your own landscape, don’t be afraid to take on the project yourself. We proudly support people that partake in Do-It-Yourself projects. If you need any help or information we are here for you.

We want you to have fun while you complete your project. We don’t want you to stress about not knowing how to complete it. We have years’ worth of experience and knowledge in landscaping that could be helpful to you. If you are ever in doubt just come on down to our yard with all of your questions and we can help you out.

We want you to produce the results you are looking for. We know the feeling of joy that is had after completing a long project and want to share that with you by helping you accomplish your project.

We at Vic Hannan want to see you truly succeed with your Do-It-Yourself Projects.  If you have questions or need help, you can come into the yard for a visit at 7086 Hwy. 273 Anderson, CA, or call us – (530) 243-3037 or E-Mail us with your questions

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