Vic Hannan offers a wide selection of fertilizers to suit every need and for every season of the year. We proudly offer the BEST™ Line of Fertilizers

Best™ Fertilizers
When it comes to the general care and feeding of your turf, BEST has you covered. Our wide selection of turf fertilizers provide the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, along with other vital nutrients, to keep your turf healthy. Whatever your soil conditions and nutritional demands may be, there’s a BEST fertilizer that will work for you.

Turf Supreme – 16-6-8
The ultimate dust-free, homogenous pellet. Balanced as recommended by leading research authorities to an approximate 4:1:2 ratio plus 1.5% iron, 0.5% zinc and 16% sulfur. It’s the professionals’ choice for use on golf courses, landscaping, schools, parks, athletic fields, cemeteries, and other green belt areas. 50 LB. BAG

Turf Supreme 16-6-8 With TRIMEC

Turf Supreme 16-6-8 With TEAM

Nitra King 22-3-9
A cool-season formulation of premium-quality homogenous fertilizers for the proper feeding of turfgrasses, ground cover, trees, shrubs, flowers and other landscaped areas. The 8% nitrate nitrogen makes it an ideal cool-season fertilizer. The added iron, zinc and sulfur improve plant hardiness and vigor. 50 LB. BAG
Ammonium Sulfate
A fast-acting source of nitrogen to be used wherever immediate growth and color are needed. A high source of sulfur (24%), essential for all plants, is also included.
Triple 15 Balanced 15-15-15
A homogenous pellet in a 1:1:1 ratio. Contains urea and ammonic nitrogen plus sulfur. An economical fertilizer as a preplant or for application to turf, trees, ornamentals, citrus and vegetables. 50 LB. BAG
6-20-20 XB – Starter Fertilizer
XB is a dust-free, homogenous pellet containing high percentages of phosphate and potassium, plus iron, zinc, sulfur and calcium. It’s an excellent formulation for use as a preplant fertilizer for turf, ornamentals and vegetable gardens. 50 LB. BAG

We also offer:

Turf Royal All Season – 21-7-14

Dimensional Preemergent

GRO 30-3-6 Slow Release