If you have gopher, mole, or vole problems, this is the most ultimate trap you will ever use. I have caught more gophers, moles and voles than you can even imagine and in a very short period of time. GopherHawk is one of the most efficient vermin eradication systems available to date!

GopherHawk available at Vic Hannan Lansdcaping
GopherHawk trap systems available at Vic Hannan.
GopherHawk: efficient trap systems for your lawn moles or voles.
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Have a gopher, mole, or vole that has been wreaking havoc on your yard lately and you cannot seem to get rid of it? With GopherHawk you don’t need to worry anymore.

GopherHawk is one of the most efficient trapping devices ever made. GopherHawk traps gophers, moles, or voles very fast and leaves you without having to dig any holes or use any harsh chemicals.

GopherHawk comes with a probing tool, wedge, and trap. The probing tool is used to find exactly where the rodents are burrowing. Then, once the location has been found, the wedge tool is used to produce a pathway to the burrow to easily place the trap. The GopherHawk trap is then set in place and once the trap gets triggered it captures the rodent and allows for easy extraction.

If you are having rodent problems in your yard come pick up a GopherHawk and rest easy.

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Note: “GopherHawk” has also been referred to as “Gopher Hawk”