Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass from Vic Hannan

Line Enhancements

Turf Products:

  • A new lower priced SimplyNatural and SimplyFresh synthetic grass turf products are perforated versions of the very popular UltimateNatural and UltimateFresh products.
  • The most durable pet product on the market, Pedigree has been added to the offering for 2015.
  • As a compliment to the EZ Putt 2, we are introducing EZ Fringe.


  • ET-Envirozyme is the most effective pet urine neutralizer available, developed exclusively for Easyturf and their customers.
  • UltimateBond heavy body seaming adhesive is now available in 1 gallon pales.

Pre-cut Rolled goods and Turf Rugs:

  • The UltimateGrass “Grab&Go” rolls are now available in 3’x5’, 5’x8’, and 7.5’x10’ sizes, delivered in half-pallet sized branded retail cartons. See Price List supplement for more information.
  • The RVLawn products, endorsed by 7-time Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath, are available in the same dimensions. The Camper (3×5), and Tailgater (5×8), and the Motor Coach (7.5 x 10) are also delivered in half-pallet sized retail display cartons. These are bound and finished lightweight turf rugs designed for the RV enthusiast or to enhance Outdoor Living spaces.

Due to increases in production costs that EasyTurf incurred in the Summer of 2014, I am also announcing that there will be a few price adjustments as noted in the attached Spring 2015 UltimateGrass Price List. EasyTurf has been committed to holding steady on our previously established price list of October 2013, but as we move forward, we are announcing the following price increases. New prices are effective March 15, 2015. Also for 2015, we are excited to announce additional products as described above.

Price Increases:

  • The UltimateNatural and UltimateFresh has increased by 4.6%, and;
  • The UltimateGreen price has increased by 6%, and;
  • The EZ Putt 2 has increased by 4.9%, and finally;
  • The Professional Putting Green has increased by 4.9%.

Residential Turf Benefits:

  • In the midst of California’s drought, synthetic grass can lower your environmental impact and save your family up to 70% on your water bill.
  • Due to the low maintenance of synthetic grass, you likely won’t have typical maintenance that you’ve grown used to with typical, traditional grass.
  • Synthetic grass is being seen across the United States, from everywhere from NFL stadiums to suburban homes.
  • <span class=”_wysihtml5-temp-placeholder”></span>Synthetic grass gives your family the opportunity to have a low maintenance lawn that stays beautiful and green even through California’s driest heats.
  • With the look and feel of grass that you love with additional benefits you can’t pass up, synthetic grass is leaps and bounds ahead of what we have typically thought of when it comes to your lawn.
  • Synthetic turf drains 10 times faster than traditional grass, which stops the build up of bacteria in your lawn.
  • Synthetic Grass can withstand the coldest winters and the warmest summers, which makes a great option regardless of your location’s weather patterns.

Benefits for Pet Owners:

  • Pets love synthetic grass, and turf stays durable and stands up against pet urine better than traditional grass.
  • With synthetic grass, unsightly odors and colors from your pet’s urine are masked, keeping your lawn beautiful and your pet happy!
  • Our synthetic grass is safe, and non-toxic which will keep your pets safer than traditional grasses they may try to eat.
  • Your dogs won’t dig through and make a mess of your lawn as they traditionally do with a regular lawn, which will keep your backyard looking clean and beautiful.
  • Is your backyard not big enough for a typical lawn? Keep your pet happy and have the ability to play in the yard by customizing your synthetic grass size to be as small as a patch to as large as a field.
  • Synthetic lawns are perfect for confined spaces such as pet resorts, kennels, pet boarding facilities, animal shelters, or animals in apartments or town houses!
  • Simplifies cleaning of pet waste, and keeps your lawn sanitary for years to come.