How to Lay Stepping Stones and Pavers

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How to Lay Stepping Stones and PaversFollow these easy instructions for preparing a patio or walkway and paving it with beautiful Paving Stones.

Carefully consider where you want your new patio or walkway to be.  Measure the area and use the chart below to determine how many pavers or stones you will need.

Roll out Landscape Cloth
Landscape Cloth or Plastic Sheeting

Concrete, aggregate, bark, gravel and some stones can be directly set on a firm and stable ground base.  Many of the other materials need a bed of stable material to rest on.  Sand is a good choice, but it can wash away from under stones and pavers leaving an uneven surface.  To prevent sand from shifting and washing out first put down a 2-3 inch layer of gravel base.  It is also recommended, but not necessary to lay landscaping fabric or plastic under the sand or gravel to keep it separate from the subsoil. Remove grass, weeds, etc. from where the project is to be built. Install benderboard along the edges of the path.   Benderboard, while a traditional product, has it limitations in the tightness of curves and has a short lifespan.  Bricks, Concrete Edging, heavier boards, small logs, or any number of products can be used to line a path.
Rake Sand Smooth
Add Sand and Rake Lightly
If the there is an earthen base, use 1 inch of sand (we recommend the Plaster Sand “#2”).  Spread sand evenly and tamp well with either a power tamper, or a hand held one.  Level the sand with a notched 2×4 so it can ride along the top of your base.  Also rough the sand by lightly pulling a Rake along the surface
Wet Down Sand
Wet Down the Sand to Compact it
Moistening the sand will help to compact and stay in place.
Tamp Down Sand
Tamp the Sand Thoroughly
Tamp sand thoroughly, sometime rewetting and tamping a number of times is advisable.
Place Stones on Sand
Place the Stones where you want them
Placing the stones or pavers is rather like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.  If you are going to fill the spaces between the stones with more sand, gravel or fines, place the stones close together.  If you are going to be planting a groundcover between the stones, leave enough room for soil and for the plants to spread out.
Fill Gaps with Sand
Fill gaps with more sand
Spread more sand over the tops of the stones or pavers and sweep into the joints with a broom.  Sometimes lightly watering the new sand will help it settle, if necessary sweep in more sand till joints are filled.


And that’s It.

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