Types of Colored Rock, Natural Rock Exposed Aggregate

Colored Rock:

Introduction to Decorative Rock and Natural Stone

Decorative rock and natural stone offer a wide variety of purposes and can add an beautiful touch to any home. With wide variety of rock and stone styles that we offer, any look or design for your landscape that you or your family dreams of can be created. When it comes to customizing your landscape, help to make your house a home by adding personal touches with decorative rocks and stones. We offer stones in various colors, textures, and sizes so the sky is the limit when it comes to designing your landscape. With our decorative rocks and stones, we can help bring your home to the next level, and a simple change in your landscape can create an upscale home decor that will have your family and friends wishing they had your backyard.

Decorative Rock and Natural Stone Pathways

Looking to create a pathway through your landscape? Decorative rocks and natural stones are the perfect materials to be laid to in order to create paths. Paths made out of stone will last a very long time and depending on the color of the stone you can make the path be very distinguishable or you can have it fit naturally with the existing landscape that you have. Upgrading your home quickly and inexpensively has never been so simple, and with stone paths you can transform your backyard into an elegant and sophisticated paradise. With a new stone path, your landscape will be perfect for entertaining, and regardless of age, a stone path will make your backyard easier to walk through. Allow your kids to run safely through your yard while having the time of their life, or allow your elderly loved ones to travel safely through your landscape without a worry of them tripping and hurting themselves. The benefits of installing a stone path are endless, and with the functionality paired with the upgrade in decor, this is a choice every home owner should consider.

Do you want to relax in your backyard on a Sunday afternoon but the terrain is not comfortable or accessible for you and your family? With a stone path you can transform your home from good to great, and make the most of your space by creating a lounge space in your home. From a beautiful spot for summer barbecue with friends to warming up by a fire in the backyard with your spouse or kids, a stone path is the perfect stepping stone to the backyard of your dreams.

Decorative Rock and Natural Stone Pond Capabilities

Have you always wanted to add a stream or pond to your landscape? With decorative rocks and natural stones you can bring that dream to life by beautifully lining a stream or pond with these great materials. If you design you landscape with a stream or pond we have cobble stones that you can use to create a really beautiful natural look. If you want to take your look to the next level, you can even build that cobble stone up and create a gentle waterfall that will leave your backyard guests in awe.

Eco-Friendly Drought Benefits

Eliminate the worry for watering your lawn or the difficult maintenance and headache that grass brings, lay out an area for stones to create a truly elegant space just walking distance from your back door. A stone path is only the beginning to a beautiful backyard, and at Vic Hannan we want to help make all your backyard dreams a reality. With decorative stone paths, we believe that you will use your landscape space more frequently and you will enjoy it more, as you will be able to move freely and safely through the space.

Stones can be placed in planters and around other plants but make sure that these plants are not only surviving, but are still thriving even with extreme heat. It is important to note that stones are known for retaining heat in the soil they cover, so if you have a plant that does not like heat we recommend watering them more often than you may typically water other plants. If the plant survives well with heat and you are going to design a landscape where plants love the heat, stones are a perfect way to complement these particular plants. However, whether or not you decide to use stones in your landscape, please remember to water your plants as they do need water to survive. If you install stones in your landscape and have questions as to the amount that you should water a particular plant, please feel free to reach out to us via phone or email, we would love to help answer any questions that you may have!

In the extreme drought that is currently hitting California, we all need to be more efficient with our water. Furthermore, even when we do escape our drought, we should still effectively use water, as it is an incredble natural resource that should be appreciated rather than exploited. If you want to embrace an eco-friendly and beautiful look in your home, stones are great way to make your landscape environmentally friendly while also creating an elegant look. Reduce your water usage by utilizing decorative rocks and natural stones, as these decorations look beautiful and you do not have to water a rock! If you increase the number of stones in your yard you can have beautiful decorations your yard while reducing the amount of plants that are drinking up all the water. You are not only being environmentally friendly but you are also reducing your water bill, which is always an added bonus in our books! This form of being environmentally friendly is promoted by many and many designs and styles have been made so design ideas are not very hard to come by. Below we have shared a few of the materials that we have on hand, and we would love to share more about the benefits that each can bring to your yard today!

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Multi Colored Rock From Vic Hannan

Multi Color Cinder
Red Cinder
Black Cinder
3/8″ Black Cinder

Grey Rocks To Fill Your Landscape
Lake County White Rocks

Lake County White

1/2, 3/4″, 3/8″ Sonoma Gold

3/8″ Sonoma Gold
3/4″ Sonoma Gold
1 1/2″ Sonoma Gold

1/2″, 3/4″, 3/8″ Salt & Pepper

Natural Rock:

Clean (Stoney)

3/8″ Clean (#1-Stoney)
3/8 Clean (#2)
3/4″ Natural (#1-Stoney)
3/4″ Natural (#2)
1 1/2″ Natural
1 x 2 Natural (Stoney)

Brown Cobble

Brown Cobble

Wet River Cobble

Wet River Cobble

Large Cobble

Large Cobble (8″ – 12″)

Exposed Aggregate:

Coral Sea (Coral Light)

Coral Sea (Coral Light)

Pami (Plum Creek)

Pami (Plum Creek)

1/2″ Salt & Pepper
La Paz Mexican Pebble
Coverall Polished Rock
Exposed Aggregate covers Approximately 25sq. ft. per 75 Lbs.